A campaign concept for WWF apparel to
 promote their sustainably-sourced, 100% recycled apparel.
Plastic is just a mind-boggling scourge across consumer cultures, with an estimated 8 MILLION METRIC TONNES of plastic finding it's way into the ocean each year.
As if that isn't enough, the fashion industry contributes significantly to this total with a projected 60% of material made into clothing being plastic-based, which includes polyester, acrylic and nylon textiles. Laundry alone causes around HALF A MILLION TONNES of plastic microfibres to be released into the ocean every year - the equivalent of almost three billion polyester shirts.
The idea seeks to position WWF apparel as a sustainable alternative that not only helps reduce the fashion footprint, but that helps reduce the amount of plastics in the ocean, providing a bit of relief for our aquatic friends.